For Change & Awareness

AIDS Research Alliance
Equality Now
Habitat for Humanity the gift of trees($60)or seedlings($10), chicks($20), gift of a goat($120) or a share of a goat($10) or even the gift of an ark ($5,000) which is 2 of everything as well as many other items to help families in need to help provide them food and sustenance.

Journey to Forever
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Nature Conservancy
Oxfam America
Plant a Row for the Hungry
RAINN-The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
Sierra Club Foundation
Stop Animal ID
Surviving Peak Oil
TaraWatch-Hill of Tara / M3 Motorway – Activists Site
Voice Yourself

Pagan, Heathen, etc. and related

Earth Witchery
HeartsEase-A Witch’s Cottage
Gingerbread Grandma’s Cauldron-Food, fun and fantasy for families
Gruenwold Cottage
Hearth Witch
Mother Crowe’s Magickal Meadow
Odd-Bodkins-Pagan Toys & Games
Pour Down Like Silver-Pictish, Celtic Path, Futhark, Wiccan, Pagan site
Rue’s Kitchen
Shamanism Animal Spirit Core
Shayleah’s Hearth-A Kitchen Witch’s Book of Shadows

-newsletter and fun for the pagan child (and parent!)

Farming/Homesteading/Self-Sufficient Living

Backwoods Home Magazine
Beginning Farmers of New Hampshire
Butterfly Hollow Farm
Deliberate Life
Gentle Survivalist
Global Footprints-for kids
Henderson’s Chicken Breed Chart
Mary Jane’s Farm
New England Heritage Breeds Conservancy
Organic Chickens
Othala Acres-kindred spirits
Pagan Homesteader-a forum
Path to Freedom
Rural Renaissance
Simple and Sustainable Living
Simple Living
Small Farm Today
Surviving Peak Oil
The Classroom @ The Coop
The Green Life
The New Agrarian
The New Farm
The Simple Living Network
Wild Foods for Survival

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Gardening Gnomes-gardening elementals and devas
Gardening with Children
Food Not Lawns
Four Season Farm
Gardens Ablaze
Gardening with Children
Gay Gardener
High Mowing Seeds
How To GYO Organic Vegetables
How to Make Compost
Introduction to Permaculture
Lasagna Gardening 101
Moon Dance Hollow
Nichol’s Garden Nursery
Permaculture-A Beginnner’s Guide
Permaculture the Earth
Sage Mountain
Sand Hill Preservation Center-Heirloom Seeds & Poultry
Seeds of Change
Seed Savers
Seed Savers Exchange
The Serendipitous Gardener
Thyme Garden Herb Co.
United Plant Savers
Victory Heirloom Seeds
Wild Thyme Farm Permaculture

Blessed Maine Herb Farm
Herbal Basics for the Skin
Luna Herb Co.-Stella’s biz
Mountain Rose Herbs
Susun Weed-Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way

Homekeeping…Green/Natural/Organic Living

Better Basics for NonToxic Living
Cleaning with Vinegar
Frugal Homemaker
Global Footprints-for kids
Grandma Knows Best
Guidelines for NonToxic Living
Green Field Paper Company
How To Clean with Vinegar
Morbid Outlook-Home Creep Home
Mother Earth News
Natural Living
Northeast Organic Farming Assoc.
Organic Consumers Association
Overcoming Consumerism
The Dollar Stretcher
The Green Life
The New Homemaker
The Simple Living Network
Transform Your Home into a Nurturing Haven
Wild Foods for Survival

Foody Links

Bob’s Red Mill-recipes
British, Scottish, Irish and Welsh Recipes
French Food and Cooking
Green Cuisine
Local Harvest
Mollie Katzen Online
New England Cheesemaking Supply Co.
Real Milk
Recipes from
Scottish Cooking
Slow Food
The Great British Kitchen
The Italian Chef
Weston A. Price Foundation
Yankee Harvest


Ask Dr. Sears
The Compleat Mother
Forever Family
Fellowship of the Earth-Pagan Parenting & Attachment Parenting
Kids Organics-lots of recommends for parents wishing to feed their children healthy and organically
The Natural Child Project
Wears the Baby
Wiccan Mother

Child Home Education
Alphabet Coloring Book
Awesome Library
Classes in Home Schooling/Resources/Unit Studies
Enchanted Learning
Free Teacher Resources
Howstuffworks “BIG List of Useful Links
International Year of the Ocean
Kid’s Domain Printable Worksheets Links
KinderArt-Art Lessons, Art Education
Moonwillow Crow’s Pagan Parenting and Homeschooling Page
Personal Education Press
Pratt’s Educational Resources for Parents and Teachers
Preschool Coloring Books
Preschool Education
Science and Technology-sites for children
StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Teach a Child to Read
Teaching Little Children-art for Kindergarten and ESL
The Lesson Plans Page
Waterford’s Games, Activities and Quizzes


New Hampshire Highland Games
Odds Bodkins Online-storyteller and author